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 ††MoztW@nted†† Guild Policy

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PostSubject: ††MoztW@nted†† Guild Policy   Sat Jan 24, 2009 11:04 pm

All current guild members as well as those who are applying for membership are assumed to have read these rules and abide by them. Failure to do either could result in removal from the guild.

Keep in mind that these rules are in place in order to make the guild a more fun place without massive amounts of drama - not to just have rules for the sake of having them.

1. All of our members deserve a place where they can feel welcome and respected; therefore, any derogatory language or harassing behavior towards our members will not be tolerated. This applies equally to issues of race, religion, physical or mental disability, age, gender, veteran status or marital status.

2. Remember that you are representing your Guild at all times, and try to behave appropriately. We hope we can trust your instincts. Some specific behaviors that are strongly discouraged:
- begging for money, equipment, quest help or rank.
- spamming and cuzzing (guild chat, world chat or otherwise).
- griefing, either through action or speech.
- behaving inappropriately.

3. We are not a power-leveling guild. You may ask your higher level guildies for help, but you are expected to have made a credible effort first. Only ask for help if you have already attempted to PuG, solo, or otherwise accomplish a mission on your own. Know that when you ask for this help, you are asking a fellow member to take time off from the tasks they are accomplishing - self-reliance is required.

4. Common sense selling rules apply. Guild member have priority if you are selling any items. If there’s a question regarding this then try to work it out with your Guild members.

5. Inactive accounts will be removed from the Guild after 1 month (2 weeks if under level 60), unless the account holder has contacted a guild member about their extended absence. We understand that The Real World can interfere with game time, but unless we know better we’ll assume that character has quit the game and thus the Guild. Private messages or website notices in the forum provided are a great way to alert other members of these situations.
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††MoztW@nted†† Guild Policy
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