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 INGAME RULES., Read this before you post !

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PostSubject: INGAME RULES., Read this before you post !   Sat Jan 24, 2009 11:12 pm

Before anything else these are the things that WE expect from applicants:

1. Willing to donate and pay your contribution Adv Points.

2. Chain of command: for we are enforcing strict rules in our guild its best if you KNOW , OBEY and RESPECT your officers.

3. Chat rules:
*no spamming on guild chat,
* treat our ladies with respect, avoid flaming and cursing, avoid using CAPS,
*if 2 members have a disagreement they are to go to a private chat and discuss it there not in Clan Chat.
*during territorial wars only officers are allowed 2 use the clan chat .

4. LOYALTY- Stay true to your loyalties – nothing says more about your character than anything else.

5. Be responsible for your own actions AND ALSO YOUR PILOT'S.

6. Boss /dungeon quests have schedules .Stop whining.

7. Don't PK players without a Valid reason.

8. Ignorance is not an excuse. It's your DUTY to read the forums at least once a day. No excuses .

9. Don't badmouth other players or in other words no trashtalking.

10. WORK HARD.-All members must remain active.

1st offense: warning.
2nd offense: KICK!
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INGAME RULES., Read this before you post !
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